Bedpan washers and disinfectors

Our guarantee – your benefit

All our medical technology products feature superior quality and ease of use. We prioritise ongoing product development and technical innovation.

All DISCHER bedpan washers are designed with particularly economical rinsing systems in terms of power and water consumption and feature excellent ease of use. Their modular structure allows the optimised use of any space situation and utility requirement by adding cabinets, sinks, care utensil racks and more.

Our washers and disinfectors for care utensils (RDA) feature highly sophisticated technology. That also includes the very latest of our proprietary innovations like the DISCHER RushHour mode. The programme reduces cycle times significantly during high traffic hours. This mode achieves a significantly higher throughput and saves energy – without any drawbacks in terms of the quality of the cleaning results.

Today we are one of the technology market leader in the sector for RDA and due to our ongoing development and innovation efforts, we have created numerous new industry benchmarks.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Steckbeckenspüler, Modell

DISCHER Piccolo – The powerhouse

Low-cost and compact – extra powerful – hygienic safety, user-friendly and easy to maintain


DISCHER Technik GmbH - Steckbeckenspüler, Modell

DISCHER Compact – The smart minimalist

Under-counter washer with all essential basic functions – for professionals