DISCHER Company profile

From a small family business to a global enterprise

The story of DISCHER’s success began in 1977 with very modest manufacturing means: The founders of our company, Joseph and Rosemarie Discher began producing small assemblies and fittings on a modest lathe in the 16 square metres basement of their home.

DISCHER Medizintechnik GmbH was founded in 1982 and prompted an expansion of the production facilities. Workers were hired to satisfy the growing demand for the production and repair of stainless steel elements used in clinics. Our first proprietary bedpan washers went into production in 1992.

The founder’s son Olaf had completed his studies in electronics and business management and joined the company in 1995 to bring fresh wind and new ideas to the family business. The company was renamed DISCHER Technik GmbH in 2002, marking a new focus on our core business.

Today, our innovative products for the medical technology sector are deployed not just in Germany – our machines are now sold successfully in almost all neighbouring countries, as well as in Asia and overseas. One of our main concerns has been and always will be that we remain a friendly and welcoming family business.