DISCHER Technik GmbH - Modell

DISCHER COMPACT – the minimalist with a difference

November 2016

Under-counter machine with the required basic functions for professionals

Under-counter machine with the required basic functions for professionals

The DISCHER Compact provides effective cleaning and disinfection results, is reliable and safe both in operation and maintenance.

The Compact with the required basic functions and dimensions of e.g. cleaning machine: (H = 860 mm, W = 500 mm, D = 570 mm). Extendable modular system allows equipping of a complete room.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Master Wand Color

DISCHER Master - Subtle colour schemes instead of metallic grey

November 2016

Subtle colour schemes instead of metallic grey: the prototype of a DISCHER Master with coloured film in standard colours.

Wherever the interior of exclusive retirement and care homes stands out from the everyday off-white of normal institutions, the furnishings may also be a little more exclusive, even in the sluice rooms. And DISCHER Technik also has an answer to these requirements.

Therefore the popular DISCHER Master is available not only with a stainless steel surface but also with a coloured film finish. Any one of approx. 60 colours may be selected. This machine facelift can also be matched to the decor of existing furnishings.

Thus colour brings a little variety and pleasure into the working day of care staff in this austere and sometimes trying area of the wards.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Data Cloud

DISCHER data cloud - Stores relevant data centrally for customers

November 2016

The use of data clouds allows access to data uploaded once and is now possible from anywhere without it having to be copied manually and carried around per data carrier; provided there is Internet access. The cloud server und thus also the backup and data protection is performed directly on Discher premises.