HIGHLIGHTS D3 Technology and product innovations

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Krankenhaus, Stationsflur mit Pflegepersonal und Patienten

DISCHER machinery breaks the chain of infection

The intensive disinfection process is fully compliant with all recognised medical technology hygiene standards.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - LCD Klartextanzeige

DISCHER LCD text display

User-friendly LCD text display with all relevant operating parameters like programme step, temperature, A0 value target/actual and remaining programme time, 3 standard A0 values (e.g.: 60/600/3000)

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Gerätedisplay

DISCHER Device display

User-friendly LCD text display with all relevant operating parameters like programme step, temperature curve, A0 value target/actual, remaining programme time, spare parts catalogue and internet connection via QR code, 3 standard A0 values (e.g.: 60/600/3000)

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Buzzer-Programm

DISCHER Buzzer programme

A quick start button triggers a custom stored wash/rinse programme – machine operation is made easy and your care personnel can use the time for other pressing matters.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - D3 Planeten-Rotationsdüsen-System

DISCHER D3 Planetary rotation nozzle system

The washer initiates an automatic disinfection rinse every 24 hours to prevent re-contamination.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Rushhour-Modus

DISCHER RushHour mode

The system “remembers” high traffic times and will pre-heat the washer in future accordingly. Process times are significantly reduced, which means a higher throughput rate and less energy consumption.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Aqua Dry Trocknung

DISCHER AquaDry system

Our AquaDry system dries the care utensils by way of steam condensation and then cools down the bedpans to a preset temperature. No re-contamination via drawn in outside air will occur.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Datenlogger

DISCHER Data logger

Data logger for process documentation with optional Ethernet connection (IP) for remote calls and fault analysis. The data logger logs all parameter sets to ensure highest operating and device safety.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Abwasserausguss

DISCHER Sewage drain

The funnel-shaped sewage drain was designed without a rim to prevent nucleation and features exposed, wide-angle water jets for rinsing water from a disinfected water reservoir.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Ökonomischer Betrieb

Economical operation

3-ECO button to save water and energy.
Another 26 programmes are freely selectable.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Universalhalterung

DISCHER Universal rack

The universal rack allows variable stacking inside the washer chamber for all types of care utensils, including bedpans (also XXL sizes), urine bottles, stool buckets, etc.; no rack changes are required.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Beutelschneider

DISCHER Bag shredder

With optional urine/secretion bag shredder

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Ersatzteilkatalog

DISCHER Spare parts catalogue

The entire spare parts catalogue is accessible via the operating panel of the machines; all parts can be displayed complete with image and order number for direct orders via the DISCHER web shop.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Onlineshop

DISCHER Online shop

Consumables and all spare and wear parts are available from the online shop and can be accessed via QR code on the operating panel of the RDA for orders via smartphone or via the DISCHER website.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Video-Tutorials

DISCHER Video tutorials

The QR code for the video is displayed on the machine display and can be captured by the technician with his smartphone to start the video tutorials for troubleshooting and wear part replacements.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - RDA stoppen Legionellenwachstum

DISCHER RDAs stop legionella growth

Automated rinsing intervals prevent legionella growth and other nucleation.

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Zertifizierung, intelligente Technik

DISCHER Certification – smart technology

Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485 and the regulation 93/42/EEC for medical products

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Langzeitgarantie

DISCHER Long-term warranty

12 month comprehensive warranty, can be optionally extended to 5 years.