DISCHER Maintenance

We will carry out a thorough inspection and maintenance of your machinery

Our washers feature next generation technology and a premium quality finish to ensure the best possible quality and performance. Our regular maintenance intervals furthermore ensure the efficiency of your machines in terms of eco-friendliness and economy.

Our comprehensive maintenance includes:

  • Full hygiene check including A0 value analysis
  • Full review of all electronics and electrical safety
  • Measurement, inspection and repair/replacement of wear parts as needed
  • Microbiological testing

We guarantee:

  • That our maintenance methods comply with legal requirements
  • That all detected faults or defects are remedies, and
  • That all device functions will be reinstated

Allowing us to maintain your machinery allows you to benefit from our more than 35 years of relevant experience. You will receive full documentation and a certificate with a one-year function guarantee, once all maintenance tasks are completed. You will then be perfectly prepared for any unannounced regulatory visits.