DISCHER – Quality and environmental responsibility

Premium quality, eco-friendly products

We here at DISCHER are working tirelessly on improving our products in terms of general quality and ecological aspects. That is why our bedpan washers are particularly service and maintenance-friendly. They come equipped with low-consumption rinsing systems that ensure an absolute minimum of drinking water is used.

All our products are characterised by particularly low water and energy consumption, paired with a very long service life. Our Kulimats are manufactured with eco-friendly production methods and recycling materials, as well as – where possible – homogeneous materials.

Our efforts to actively protect the environment include the deployment of low-maintenance technology and the comprehensive and in-depth training of our in-house engineers. These efforts alone save us many thousands of kilometres they would otherwise spend on the road each year. In effect, our products require only a fraction of the customer service deployments needed by our competitors.