Our speciality – DISCHER equipment refurbishment

From old to new: Refurbishment by DISCHER

We can undertake technical refurbishments for your existing older model cleaning and disinfection systems. DISCHER will turn older model machinery into virtually new equipment – without having to go through lengthy and costly certification processes. We refurbish machinery to reflect the current state of technology – even if the internal workings are severely deteriorated. We replace old copper piping and non-ferrous metals with modern plastic composite pipework and stainless steel fittings.

While your old systems are undergoing refurbishment, we can provide rental equipment to ensure ongoing operations.

We will gut your old machines completely and replace the outdated inner workings with state of the art rinsing technology and brand-new inlet and outlet pipework. The stainless-steel housing will be cleaned of any lime scale or other residue. We will ensure a perfect surface finish and can replace old stainless-steel parts as needed. Our extensive refurbishment will allow a re-registration of your old bedpan washer as a medical technology product.

A DISCHER refurbishment offers the following advantages:

  • Our maintenance measures are very affordable.
  • We will undertake a core refurbishment at our own premises.
  • Your old machine will receive a high-quality new stainless-steel finish.
  • Once the refurbishment is complete, the machine will be certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485 and regulation 93/42/EEC for medical products.
  • We will update the rinsing technology, functionality and operation to the current state of technology in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15883:2006.
  • Once the refurbishment is completed, your machine will offer 29 directly selectable programmes and 3 A0 value settings.
  • An unrestricted water inlet will ensure optimal drinking water protection.
  • We offer a full 2-year warranty for all electrical and moving parts for your updated, as-new machine.
  • We offer rental equipment for the time needed to complete the refurbishment of your bedpan washer.