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March 2016 - DISCHER CDMs prevent legionella growth

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Legionellenwachstum

DISCHER CDMs prevent legionella growth

March 2016

The most frequent cause of legionella in hospitals and retirement homes is drinking water installations not being purged suffi ciently, particularly if the water has been left to stand in the pipes and fi ttings for too long.

The cold water is warmed (>25°C) and the warm water is cooled (<55°C). This leads to optimum growth conditions for this unwanted microorganism which can cause severe pneumonia.

Positioned at the correct point – at the end of a pipe system – the high-quality DISCHER Technik bedpan cleaning and disinfection machines (CDM) prevent this dreaded stagnation in the drinking water pipes.

A new technology now makes it possible to set a minimum daily flow through amount in the DISCHER units adapted to the length and cross-section of the relevant pipe system. The DISCHER CDMs then take over the through-put management. They measure reliably whether the water in the pipe system has been exchanged completely by the CDM water consumption and if neceslaxed sary automatically start additional rinsing during which the required amount of water is eliminated from the pipes. The time at which this takes place can be adjusted.

This process is also recorded in the CDM data logger in addition to all the other operating parameters. Thus the operator of the drinking water installation has ‘watertight’ verification of operation according to regulations which are based on a theoretical minimum amount taken out of the system. The DISCHER CDMs do not therefore only provide an important additional benefit; they also ensure that most of the rinsing water does not flow unused into the drain as in other processes but is used for the cleaning of the care utensils.
The strategic positioning of the DISCHER cleaning and disinfection machines at the end of the pipe system can thus contribute to solving one of the most serious hygiene problems in hospitals.

DISCHER Technik thinks ahead.

March 2016 - Universal holder designed for care utensils of all sizes

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Bettpfannen

Universal holder designed for care utensils of all sizes

March 2016

Universalhalterung konzipiert für Pflegegeschirr aller Größen

The requirements for the capacity of cleaning and disinfection machines are changing; not only the statutory requirements but also everyday needs. People are becoming larger and heavier.

With this in mind, CDMs today need capacity to hold and hygienical ly disinfect care utensils of all sizes. This requires well-engineered geometry of the utensil holder and a nozzle system without spray shadow.

DISCHER has taken this trend into account for some time. The utensil holder has been designed to take the three most common bedpan sizes in one holder. This eliminates the need to change holders as in other makes of machine. The ECO button also adjusts the cleaning intensity to the size and degree of soiling of the bedpans thus ensuring economical operation. And this feature means that operators of DISCHER CDMs are wellequipped for the future.

March 2016 - No recontamination from room air with Aqua Dry drying

DISCHER Technik GmbH - Aquadry-Trocknung

No recontamination from room air with Aqua Dry drying

March 2016

Utensils are dried and cooled using a newly developed steam condensation system in the washing chamber - Aqua Dry technology. This system combines the process steps recooling and drying. The rinsing water enters the washing chamber via a special nozzle fitted in the top of the chamber.

The jet of water is directed over the entire rear wall of the chamber without contact with the load. The leads to cooling and the condensation effect leads to rapid and spotless drying of all utensils due to the even drying speed. The risk of damage to the waste water pipes due to 90°C hot steam being blown in as with conventional systems is eliminated and recontamination by outside air being sucked in is prevented.

This effective technology provides virtually 100 % failsafe drying and is completely maintenance-free. The adjustable temperature for removal of the utensils also represents effective protection for the staff.