High-tech disinfection for superior hygiene

DISCHER is synonymous for medical technology innovation

DISCHER has been providing highest product and hygiene safety in the sector for medical technology since 1977. We develop innovative commercial washers and disinfectors for care utensils that guarantee the safe and hygienic disposal of patient waste materials. Our bedpan washers offer superior handling and reliability and are ideally suited for the equipment of care workrooms in care homes, hospices and hospitals.

Our comprehensive experience and know-how accumulated in over 40 years in this highly volatile segment has earned DISCHER a market leading position in the medical technology sector. We have been developing product improvements and innovations since 1977. Many of our innovations are patented or can be found exclusively in DISCHER machinery.

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What sets us apart

Our core competence is the design, manufacture and sale of bedpan washers and disinfectors (RDA). The bedpan washers we produce are high-tech products certified as medical products in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485:2016. Our washers are manufactured by a highly experienced team of specialists and technicians in Haan, North-Rhine Westphalia.

Over the course of the past four decades, DISCHER has developed into a highly innovative and reliable provider of premium quality bedpan washers and disinfectors in the global market. Today, DISCHER products are successfully deployed all over Germany and in almost all neighbouring countries. We have also built a strong market presence in Eastern Europe and have begun supplying customers in Asia and overseas.

We are convinced that the great success of our family business is due to our unerring determination to tailor our products and strategy to the requirements of our many users in a variety of healthcare establishments. Our products offer not only superior hygiene, but also remarkable technological, economical, ecological and functional advantages.

Certified quality, smart technology

  • Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485 and the regulation 93/42/EEC for medical products
  • Next generation technology based on multi-controller operation
  • TFT display with graphic icons, programme display with temperature information
  • Illustrated spare parts catalogue in the machine display, QR code ordering via smartphone or tablet PC
  • Video tutorials for troubleshooting and wear part replacements
  • Online shop for consumables, replacement and wear parts
  • DISCHER Cloud – central archive for all relevant date for our customers
  • Integrated test/diagnostics utility for service & maintenance and the setup of all operating parameters
  • Hygiene report DIN EN ISO 15883-1 by the independent auditing body HYBETA
  • Device registration with EAR (recycling of obsolete electric/electronic machinery)

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